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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 19, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MDT

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a prior ban only affected service to and from the united states. speaking of airline stuff, delta is out with new outfits for more than 60,000 of its workers. celebrity fashion designer zach posen, seen there on the right, worked with the airline on the new uniforms. >> must have been an interesting assignment for posen. so the flight attendants and
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the airline calls it fashion contemporary. >> the airline also says they fused bold color palettes, and classic styles and the outfits reflect thoughtful and innovative spirit of delta. >> ready for the names of the colors? i'm not making these up. delta calls them passport plum, cruising cardinal, and ground speed graphite. >> that's my favorite. oh, and by the wie, there are accents of skyline slate and traveling thistle. >> thistle. >> traveling thistle. >> yeah. >> it's tough to do the grounds crew uniforms, and she's looking mighty fine in that. >> i think when you have to work with reflective material, whatever it's called, that might get complicated in trying to look hip. >> good job. all i want to know is can we get, like, some peanuts the? >> i like that tape. what's up, everybody, it's nighttime, and you can see me.h? >> i like that tape. what's up, everybody, it's nighttime, and you can see e? >> i like that tape.
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>> i like that tape. what's up, everybody, it's nighttime, and you can see ? >> i like that tape. what's up, everybody, it's nighttime, and you can see me. >> where did that accent come from? >> i don't know. my reflective tape accent. i like it. what's up, everybody? >> all the sudden long island came out. >> that happens every now and then. >> yeah. all right. coming up, an exclusive look inside the prison at guantanamo. as the two presidential nominees battle over whether or not to close the facility, we have a never before seen view. life on the inside. and here at home, president obama markshe end of an era with the 13th final state dinner. who was there? what was said? straight ahead, and, remember, find us on facebook at, and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news
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welcome back. president obama's campaign promise to shut down the prison at gitmo is looking increasingly unlikely. of course, you have congressional republicans staunchly opposed to closing the facility as well as relocating >> tonight, we learned another on u.s. soil. detainee has been released, sent to another country with several more ready to go. david muir has an exclusive look inside the facility. >> reporter: we fly to one of the most notorious prisons in the world on the u.s. naval base in cuba. we arrived -- >> there was no single cell. >> reporter: meeting the prison
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darkened hallways of one of the camps still here. >> this is a typical cell block. >> reporter: we are shown many of the detainees. we're not allowed to show faces, and we watch as the detainees use mats for prayer. >> we can see the detainees, they cannot see us back through this glass. we just watched as the guards placed these orange cones in front of the doors here. that's a signal to the other guards not to open the doors, not to disrupt them during prayer. so many signs of their routine here, laundry hanging, meals, detainees carrying styrofoam cups and plates. >> a guards puts on a face mask >> yes. to lessen the risk of them getting something put in their eyes or mouth. >> reporter: he is talking about a cocktail of fluids and it's called flashing. they show us the cell detainees
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ceiling. there's been fewer clashes because many here says they could be getting out. >> the the state department is working very hard to find them places to go. david, we're heading into the control room. >> attention! >> carry on. >> reporter: there are monitors inside and out. we see the yards, watching hundreds of inmates, now just 60 detale takenees left. do you have any idea how much american taxpayers pay per detainee? >> no, i don't. i worst case scenario. >> reporter: american taxpayers are spending more than $7 million per detainee every year. >> this is our pharmacy here. >> reporter: and the prisoners are aging, americans paying for their medicines. >> this is for people who are ageing in prompt of you? >> that's correct. >> you go first. >> reporter: then, a rare
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>> reporter: we approach the edge. we notice the exercise, a worn path of gravel. we see them walking on treadmills. then they start to yell our way. suddenly, a request. as we stand there, they take advantage of a rare moment to speak to the world. they're aware? >> they are. >> reporter: you've heard donald trump say he wants to send more people to guantanamo. >> i have. >> this morning, i watched president obama talk about gitmo, guantanamo bay, which, by the way -- by the way, we are keeping open. we're going to load it up with some bad dudes, believe me. we're going to load it up. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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president's plan to shut guantanamo down because of what it represents around the world, but if you close the prison, what about the detainees, taking days to transfer? ithey are the the worst of the worst, there's no question that the prison houses terrorists, including individuals responsible for the 9/11 attacks. what we intend to do is work with congress to find a suitable facility in the united states. >> excuse my french, but we say hell no. >> reporter: near florence, colorado, at a town hall meeting, some of the americans against >> we're at war. it. you have to have a place to put war prisoners. >> it's an invitation for an attack locally. >> reporter: they live close to one of the most super max prisons in the world. a lot of the families in these communities don't want high risk detainees. they have in their communities
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they have mr. al alawai, they have the shoe bomber. they have the underwear bomber. move the detainees here, you're creating a guantanamo here in the u.s. >> it's not in the u.s. >> you'd have 40 detainees stuck here in the u.s. >> that's true, but there's an independent threat that guantanamo itself presents. the image of guantanamo forever is going to be of individuals in orange jumpsuits in open air case. >> our david muir there. quite a fascinating look. when the president entered office eight years ago, there were 242 prisoners there, and now down to 60. >> reduction. >> yeah. coming up, president obama marks the end of an era. >> hosting the final state dinner of the presidency last night. who was there? what was served? and what mrs. obama was wearing next. "world news now" continues
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? ? when the moon hits the sky like a piece of pie that's amore ? >> yes. we could go on and on. >> quite a bit of amore in the air last night on the south lawn of the white house. >> that's french for love. more than 400 people, including a long list of celebrities, all there to honor the italian prime minister. >> you thought that song was french, too, i suppose? >> this is president obama's 13th final state dinner at the white house. abc was there. >> reporter: for one night, everyone was italian at the white house from the lawmakers to the hollywood stars. the obamas hosted one final state dinner honoring italian
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>> michelle and i decided to just think of this as a typical italian sunday dinner surrounded by family and great friends and pasta. >> reporter: this was anything but a typical dinner. ? >> reporter: gwen stefani belted ott out her greatest hits. ? i could be your favorite girl ? >> reporter: one guest even hoped for a presidential dance-off. >> i hope there's some dancing, good music played, recur going on for a few years. >> reporter: others stepped up the fashion game. >> reporter: mario dawned racing theme socks and frank ocean sported a pair of vans. but no one's style compared to the first lady, who dazzled in a gold versace gown. >> mateo and i both married up. and because of our wives, we eat
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better and we thank you both. >> reporter: prime minister renzi doll doled out his own praise for michelle obama, for a speech taking on donald trump. >> after the last week's, let me be very frank, your speech -- >> reporter: mr. obama offered this assessment of the election. >> some days this seems like dante's inferno. >> reporter: he was not ready to say -- >> in the immortal words of a great italian-american, it's not yoeggy bare ra, it ain't over till it's over. >> reporter: and throughout the day, prime minister renzi invited president obama to visit him in italy, even offering to host a dinner for him in florence. we'll see if the president adds italy to the vacation list after leaving the white house. diane and kendis.
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let's end this. time for "the mix" now we start with a question we all needed answered and, finally, we have the key. is it better to shower in the morning or at night? >> oh? okay. >> yeah. >> yeah, that was -- that's what i was thinking. >> harvard university has finally cracked it, ladies and gentleme >> hard at work. >> turns out morning showers are good if the you're facing a stressful day at work and you're trying to be extra productive or extra creative. take a shower, calm yourself down and center yourself. evening showers are better if you're having a tough time unwinding and having a tough time maybe relaxing after work and trying to sleep because it
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here's the key, take away here? mix it up. sometimes shower in the morning. sometimes shower in the evening. you get the best of both worlds. >> will any of them look like this scene? ? when they see me walking down the street ? >> i think he's just showering in the middle of the afternoon. he is just breaking the mold here. >> i prefer to do a morning shower and an evening shower. the morning shower on monday and then the evening shower on friday. >> oh, okay. >> ambitious. very ambitious. >> yes. here's something therapeutic. you heard of therapy dogs, cats, and how about your therapy duck? you might have seen photos and videos of the duck spotted on a flight to asheville, north carolina. but we get a close-up now. so that little captain america thing is its diaper.
2:57 am
asheville, north carolina. and boy, it's -- no, they don't have arms to be tired. but it's a therapy duck for a passenger. >> he's got diapers, shoes. i didn't know therapy ducks were a thing. >> yes. delta did not give him a bill for the flight. >> get it? bill? flight? >> oh. >> sorry. >> moving on to dogs. >> sorry. i worked all day. >> if you don't find the duck therapeutic, meet dogs in costume. this is memo and his sister, penny. memo is famous online because of the videos like this one. they are showing off their halloween costumes. quite a variety. >> absolutely. >> that one is my favorite. they got rewarded with treats for being so well-behaved during the shoot. and it is october, so a lot of mazes are popular, as you know.
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this morning on world news this morning on world news now, donald trump fighting back against his accusers. with new policies to get back to the issues with a new battle cry, #draintheswamp. this as both he and hillary clinton are on the ground in las vegas gearing up for tonight's final debate. details on fireworks expected to fly just ahead. a battle to save the city intensifies. isis feels the heat as iraqi forces push ahead towards mosul. hear how americans are backing up the offensive as we get you the latest from the battle front. and new this half hour, the strength of some americans that saved a woman's life. >> a crash victim thrown from the car and pinned underneath it. we'll show you how this group of bystanders jumped into action. and introducing the class of 2017.
3:01 am
include a broad range of artists from a hip hop hero to electronic pioneers. we're going to have the full story ahead in "the skinny." it is wednesday, october 19th. from abc news, this is "world news now." we say good morning on this wednesday, evebo because what happens in vegas is going to be remembered all across the country. >> not going to stay in vegas. >> it's not going to stay in vegas. presidential candidates there gearing up to square off tonight in the final debate. >> donald trump spent another day to drive home the point the election is rigged and called for congressional term limits as part of a bigger plan to fight corruption, and, quote, drain the swamp in washington. >> nearing the home stretch, less than three weeks until election day, and a new poll shows hillary clinton with a six point lead over trump. now several witnesses are backing up the story of one of trump's accusers.
3:02 am
here's abc's karen travers. >> reporter: hillary clinton touched down in las vegas for wednesday's third and final presidential debate. her opponent campaigning in colorado. >> now she's home sleeping and i'm working. >> reporter: donald trump still insisting there's going to be widespread voter fraud. >> they are lying. they are cheating. they are stealing. >> reporter: a fired up president obama reacting to the vote fraud allegations saying they're not based on facts. i'd invite mr. trump to stop whining and make the case to get >> reporter: but the issue of at least nine women accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct is complicating his hunt for votes. and one of those women is getting new support. "people" magazine reporter natasha stoynoff is getting
3:03 am
at his mar-a-lago resort, there to profiles the trumps but says when melania was out of the room, quote, trump shut the door room, quote, trump shut the door behind us, pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. trump denies it. there's testimonies from five of her friends and colleagues who say she confided in them shortly after the alleged assault. >> she was very shaken up. she was scared of retaliation. >> reporter: expected to come up at the debate, sexual misconduct for trump as well as the slow drip of hacked wikileaks e-mails from the clinton campaign which have not been independently verified from abc news. once tonight's final debate is in the books, hillary clinton is diane and kendis, she is going to be in a battleground state every day for the next week. diane, kendis? >> thanks, karen, there in washington for us. full coverage, of course, of the third and final presidential debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on abc and live streamed on and coverage here on "world news now." and right now in san francisco, police are searching for a group of suspects after
3:04 am
three boys and one girl were shot in the parking lot of the school in the southern part of the city. the campus immediately on lockdown and witnesses quickly called 911. >> we're getting more calls from inside about gunshots heard. >> jordan high school. one rp heard, five gunshots. >> online with june jordan. trying to get further from them. they are hearing shots inside. >> reporter: a 15-year-old girl, the apparent target of the shooting is in critical condition. the three other students were hurt less seriously. san francisco authorities said four suspects fled the scene. turning our focus overseas on the assault on isis. it is day three in the fight to get the terrorists out of mosul. coalition troops backed by the u.s. reported progress. as they moved towards iraq's second largest city, alex marquardt has been covering the
3:05 am
>> reporter: advancing forces engaged in a fire fight with isis, firing from the rooftops of abandon buildings. while inside mosul, isis propaganda video illustrate the group's bravado. they fire heavy weapons and a rocket towards an iraqi bulldozer. the fireball weaving across the dusty plane. and then, from the rear, american forces are advising and calling in air strikes. these block op helicopters taking off from the iraqi base, there's no doubt that iraqis would not be able to take back mosul without this crucial american support. one by one, isis held villages are falling, troops clearing house after house and making some deadly discoveries. here, two dozen makeshift chemical weapons. and below, networks of tunnels. this one where isis was apparently caught off guard.
3:06 am
on this base, they are coordinating the approach to mosul, which they say is going faster than expected. but with the forces facing intense resistance, no one wants to predict how long it could take. >> alex, thank you. and typhoon sarika continues a deadly path in vietnam, bringing heavy rains to the north and flooding raised the death toll to 31 sarika made landfall in southeast china and half a million people evacuated. five homes destroyed in colorado as an out of control wildfire continues to spread. the fire burned more than 16,000 acres and forced thousands of residents from their homes. the fire started when high winds blew a metal outbuilding into power lines and now the winds are making it especially hard to contain the fire. two divers died in an underwater cave in central florida, some 260 feet below the surface.
3:07 am
lauderdale. they are experienced divers. it took dive teams two days to find their bodies. the huge network of caves known as the eagles nest north of tampa, at least ten divers have died in those caves. a dash cam video captures the kindness of strangers. a new jersey woman was thrown from and then pinned under her car. this is over the weekend. seven good samaritans stopped to help lift the car off of her. the first people on the scene were a woman, her husband, and their teenage daughter. >> i was just complete panic, like, we have to get this lady out from under here. oh, my gosh, she's not going to be able to breathe. the car is crushing her. >> the woman who was trapped is in critical condition with multiple broken bones, but she's expected to survive. people on social security will see a small increase in their checks next year. the cost of living increase amounts to about $5 a month for the average recipient. it's not a lot, but more than
3:08 am
starting with the dodgers and the cubs. l.a. already had a 1-0 lead last night in the fourth when grandall hit a two-run home run. a couple innings later, turner patted the lead with a home run of his own. and l.a. tacked on two more runs later, winning 6-0. the dodgers lead the series, two games to one. game four is tonight. and in the american league, the toronto blue jays were staying alive against the indians. dona speech with a third inning solo home run. then with a 2-1 in the seventh, toronto added two more runs to give themselves some breathing room. the jays take it, 5-1, cleveland leads the series, however, three games to one. game five is this afternoon. let's stick with sports for a second. new england patriots head coach bill belichick is notoriously tight lipped, often giving short
3:09 am
>> so bill belichick is known for a sense of style, a trend setter, prefer cut off sweatshirts in the middle of the winter. now you can say he's raising against the machine as well. yeah, old school. giving up on the old, you know, new technology stuff. >> i'm done with the tablets. they are just too unb dedependable for me. there's not enough consistency in the performance of the tablets. so i just can't take it any more. >> you might not know this, but that's belichick all fired up now he's talking about the microsoft surface tablets because -- >> just calm down, calm down. >>ep. they are being used on the sidelines, and we already knew how belichick feels about it because you saw there he was seen tossing one of them on the sidelines a couple weeks ago. >> maybe he does need to calm down a little. he says instead of tablets, he's using paper pictures, and if he needs to see something from a
3:10 am
he's going old school. >> he's always been old school. there are a lot of players that are oppose dollars to it. carson palmer was mentioning that simple, he just wants the paper. >> it's working for him, right? >> exactly. >> stick with what works. coming up, an 11-year-old boy with an after school surprise. >> not a good one. the boy spots a strange man lurking inside his home and he makes a run for it. we'll see what happens next that was captured on the home security camera. a swimmer stranded in the chilly waters off the coast of new england. the emotional reunion with his family and friends, next. first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health
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so if you don't like heights, well, be glad you didn't accompany ts guy on the latest adventure. he call iss himself eight booth. he posted this to youtube showing the gopro of a 129 foot jump from a new building into new port harbor. you might notice he just misses the dock before hitting the water. his other jumps include a four-story leap into a swim ing you go ahead and do that. pool. >> why? >> no thank you. >> not at all. >> i'll be here. at the other end of the coast, there was an emotional moment late last night on a massachusetts beach. that's when a swimmer who just had been rescued walked into the waiting arms of his wife. the man had been swimming with his son-in-law when they were
3:15 am
police located the son-in-law and the coast guard managed to pull the other man to safety, but it took an hour of searching for them to do that. >> scary. further south in new jersey, an 11-year-old boy's quick being praised for his quick thinking after walking in on a home invasion. >> this morning, we're getting a look inside that home and what the little boy did. here is abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: this man, police say, is not supposed to be here, and alleged intruder recorded walking past the home surveillance camera and through the hallway. watch, moments later, an 11-year-old boy home from school in new jersey completely unaware a stranger's in the house. he walks over to close the door, he keeps going back to the front door and makes a run for it. >> my heart started pumping when i saw him. >> reporter: the little boy now speaking out. >> basically then i immediately run out of the house. i see that my neighbor's driving
3:16 am
and ask her for her help. >> apparently a caller's an 11-year-old male and he saw a male in dark clothes. >> reporter: the man gets out too, leaving through the back. >> the boy had the sense to leave and get out of there and seek help which was great. >> reporter: police say the man stole the boy's phone. he's been charged with burglarly and theft and has not yet entered a plea. geoda benitez, abc news, wayne, new jersey. when we come back, the glitter who turned out for president obama's final state dinner. n' roll hall of fame nominees. the skinny's next. "world news now" continues
3:17 am
3:18 am
? skinny so skinny ? let's start wednesday morning's skinny with the long list of celebrities who were at on parade at last night'wh >> gwen stefani rocked the crowd of more than 400 belting out some of her greatest hits. >> blake shelton was there, as well. and frank ocean, you see him there, and chance, the rapper, who tweeted gwen stefani just sang to me at the white house and pointed at me. bro, i'm dead. he said it just like that. >> jerry seinfeld joked, we're jews, but we identify as
3:19 am
>> and last but not least, the dress. the dress. did you see the dress? michelle obama, it's a custom rose gold chainmail gown from versace. that is, again, slithered like liquid copper. >> i love when you have to read fa she looked beautiful. very glamorous. >> amazing. can't we just say it looked great? awesome? slithered in liquid copper. >> sounds very natural. >> yeah. next to some glad tidings to a member of the abc family. >> talking about "scandal" star kerr carrie washington and her football player husband who welcomed their second child, a baby boy. >> the couple named their son
3:20 am
they already have a 2-year-old daughter named isabelle. >> too bad they're not a pretty couple at all. really too bad. he was born back on october 5th. washington and her husband are private about their personal lives and often don't walk the red carpet together, but congratulations. >> absolutely. >> and congratulations as well in order for the class of 2017 for the rock n' roll hall of fame. >> including new artists as well as old veterans like janet jackson. >> we went on a campaign about that last year. now she's on the list. you've also got depesch mode, pearl jam and the late tupac marking the first year that tupac is eligible. and if inducted, he'll become the sixth rapper or group to be honored by the museum. >> among the older names, yes. the zombies. the electric light orchestra,
3:21 am
marking their 11th nomination. >> annoy, in order to be eligible for nomination, the musician or the group must have released the first single or al lumbar at least 25 years ago. this year's top vote getters will be announced in december and inducted in april at a ceremony next summer in brooklyn. >> just to give you perspective on that, that means that tupac released the first album 25 years ago, at least. but janet made it, finally. >> i was waiting for that. >> going on a campaign trail for janet jackson. and finally, to a heart warming anniversary surprise for adelle. for a new future hall of famer. >> her long time partner with whom she shares a 3-year-old son surprised her with an incredibly row mamantic gesture. >> he personally penned messages
3:22 am
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? ? you like it? ? >> it's got quite the beat to it. a look at the superdome there in new orleans as we chant. >> and a battle cry there, an inspiring 14-year-old girl arguably their number one fan got the ultimate surprise. >> not to be confused with who day, another battle cry, but not only catching the team's attention, but he's been attending the team's practices. here's abc's robin roberts. >> reporter: jarius is not your average new orleans saints fans. >> moving so fast. >> reporter: what you call a saints' superfan. >> run a half back wheel.
3:26 am
half back wheel? we'll put one of those in. >> okay. touchdown! >> reporter: he attends practices and games and shows them a little tough love. >> you're trying to do stuff that you can't do. you're trying to be mr. showoff. >> reporter: this quality time with his favorite team keeps jarius's spirits up as he faces a serious illness. the 14-year-old has been battling chronic liver disease his entire life, which affected his physical growth, and he's currently on the waiting list for a liver transplant. 7 to 14 days is kind of rough for a kid. >> reporter: he met the saints a year ago during one of his extended hospital stays. >> hit as hard as you can. >> reporter: and he made a lasting impression. >> oh, my, that kid has so much spirit! and, by the way, that lasting impression led to a big surprise live on "gma" yesterday. >> the saints' head coach had sean payton had this
3:27 am
>> as a coach, you love it when you see someone with his energy. he is on everyone's butt, trust me. so we're going to sign jarius today to a contract to become a new orleans saint, today, right here, right there in new york. [ cheers and applause ] >> here you go! here you go. sign it! >> you don't have to tell me twice! >> oh, my gosh. oh, man. >> he's got the jersey on and everything. he's ready to go. >> did you see that first reaction? he's like, what, wait? what you talking about? that's amazing. >> so his first assignment, by the way, the head coach he and his dad are coming with them this weekend to kansas city. jarius will be the team's social media correspondent. >> i'm sure he's going to do a
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
good morning, i'm diane macedo. good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. here's the top headlines we're following on "world news now." it is fight night in vegas. donald trump and hillary clinton are poised to go head to head tonight in their third and final debate 37. trump is refusing to back down from claims that the election is rigged, prompting a stern rebuke tr president obama. security benefits will see an increase in their checks next year, about $5 a month. it may not be a lot, but it's more than this year when there was no increase. more record breaking high temperatures are possible today from the deep south to the northeast. and once again, readings in some areas will be 20 degrees above normal. enjoy it while you can. the forecasters say seasonable readings in the 50s return by the weekend.
3:31 am
at least just for a night, on the south lawn of the white house last night. president obama marked the end of an era welcoming italy's prime minister and a sea of celebrities to the 13th and final white house state dinner. those are some of the top stories on this wednesday, october 19th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you all. we begin this half hour with eyes on vegas as the presidential candidates prepare to battle it out tonight in the final debate. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are looking each other off their game. clinton will have mark cuban and republican business executive meg whitman in the debate hall and president obama's half brother will be there to support trump. as trump continues to sow suspicion that the election is rigged. the president delivered a pretty strong rebuke. you start whining before things are even over.
3:32 am
then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> meanwhile, an investigation is underway into possible voter fraud in indiana. officials say thousands of first names and birth dates were changed in the statewide voter registration system. but so far, they found no indication that the system has been compromised. they surveyed election officials in all 50 states, and they all denied fraud. the clinton campaign is saying that donald trump has been complaining that the election is fixed to distract from his treatment of women. those claims are during tonight's debate and clinton will have to answer, as well, some new questions about those leaked e-mails. cecelia veg ga is on the campaign trail in vegas. >> reporter: hillary clinton headed to vegas to take on donald trump. asked how debate prep is going? clinton spending the last three days studying behind closed doors in this new york hotel as trump mocks her disappearing act. >> she's resting for the debate. she's resting. was she rested for the last debate?
3:33 am
>> reporter: in the past three months, trump holding more than twice as many campaign events, 81 to her 32. but clinton's team not apologizing, insisting those debate prep days pay off and the polls prove it. on that stage, aides say she is prepared to address the slow drip of hacked wikileaks e-mails, and another batch of e-mails released from john verified by abc news. one apparently sent to clinton, a list of 39 possible running mates. their names organized, he writes, in rough food groups, like latinos, women, white men, african-americans, military leaders. also included, business titans like bill and melinda gates, app apple's tim cook and starbuck's ceo, houd schultz. and right there at the bottom of the list all alone, bernie sanders. we are learning strategy that hillary clinton will be bringing to the debate stage.
3:34 am
election or about the women who have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault. she is expected to hit both of those points on this debate stage right here for the very first time. cecelia vega, abc news, las vegas. >> stay with abc news tonight for full coverage of the final presidential debate. our entire powerhouse political team will be live at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on abc and we'll have coverage right here on "wnn." francisco after four students shot near their high school. the victims were in the parking lot when they were hit by gunfire. this morning, a 15-year-old girl is in critical condition. police believe she was the intended target. this student, though, couldn't believe it at first. >> i saw people running through the hallway. i thought it was a joke. i thought it was a prank. something was going on, but by looking at everybody's faces, that's something you can't fake. >> the authorities say that four male suspects with wearing dark
3:35 am
now to iraq where forces are fighting to save the city from isis. mosul has been under the terrorists' groups control for two years now, but they are battling to push isis out of this last iraqi stronghold. abc's light be his elizabeth hur has the the details. >> reporter: iraqi and kurdish troops on the move moving towards mosul to defeat and remove isis from iraq. but isis is fighting back, not only with suicide bomber also with propaganda, releasing these images trying to portray life in mosul as normal. yet signs of the terrorist group retreat rg emerging with the discovery of this tunnel believed to be used as hiding spots for isis militants. meanwhile, pentagon officials now reveal some 100 american advisers are on the ground assisting. >> it is iraqis who are doing
3:36 am
>> reporter: iraqi troops are dropping leaflets to warn residents to stay out of isis positions. since isis took over mosul two years ago, many fled the city, including this man who spoke to abc's alex marquardt. >> what do you think life has been like in mosul? >> no food. no security. many murdered. many people, many houses are destroyed. >> reporter: mosul is still home to more than a million people. their future, according to humanitarian officials, daunting. >> their offensive to retake moos ul could produce a humanitarian catastrophe, resulting in one of the largest manmade displacement crisis in years. >> reporter: knowing this, u.n. officials are scrambling right now because the shelter space they have only houses about 10% of the people expected to flee mosul. elizabeth hur, abc news, new
3:37 am
his father are beginning ten-year prison sentences in iran. those sentences follow their conviction for what iran called cooperating with the hostile american government. their family fled iran after its 1979 islamic revolution, but apparently kept business ties there. the state department is demanding for their immediate release. back here in this country, it was a touching moment in the palm springs area after two policeff line of duty were remembered at a memorial service. jose vega and lesley zerebny were honored and governor brown joined the service as well as hundreds of law enforcement officers from a also in soutrn california, cross the country. a fire on a tour bus forced the closure of a freeway. only the driver was on board when the engine went up in flames. los angeles county fire crews put the fire out. no word on what sparked it. police in atlanta say a teenager was behind the wheel of this
3:38 am
landing on a house. the 16-year-old was ejected into the yard next and was critically injured. a neighbor says he saw the car crash into mailboxes, fences, and power lines before it launched into the house. >> how? amazing video there. some animals in the news this morning start, a pregnant man na tee finally back where she belongs. her name is washburn after the island in massachusetts where the coast guard moved her yesterday from new england to sea world in florida. washburn will be cared for there until she gives birth and is released back into the wild. one mother that's already given birth at the zoo in des moines, iowa, is celebrating an eastern black rhino, and the zoo announced her giving birth to
3:39 am
>> the little one doesn't have a name yet, and, frankly, she's not so little. she weighed 80 pounds at birth and has been growing ever since. 80 pounds. >> now, the zoo says she was standing and walking and attempting to eat within hours of being born, all positive signs that she's doing well. nice and healthy and literally bouncing baby girl. >> 80 pounds. a natural birth. >> oh, gosh. very cute. >> wow. coming up, caught on video, vandalizing a donald trump sign. what happened after one florida man posted this video on facebook? leading police right to his home. later, the video message from some kind-hearted canadians hoping to put america's contentious presidential race into perspective. why they say despite it all, america's great. first, let's take a look at today's high temperatures from coast to coast.
3:40 am
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lysol that. let the customer beware. bold crooks grab a woman's purse out of her car as she's pumping gas just steps away. take a look. this happened in south florida. two men pull up on the left and just across from the victim and then they wait. when she gets out to enter her credit card information, one guy saw there sneaking into her front seat and grabbing her purse and the thieves take off. police still have not found the suspects. also in florida, a terrifying robbery inside a dollar general store. a 9-year-old girl and mother were among those held at gun point by the robbers. they escaped with an undisclosed amount of money. investigators say there was a
3:44 am
turning to an alarming report from government investigators looking into a plane crash in akron a year ago. >> using strongest words used before, the ntsb calls the crash a litany of failures. here is abc's lindsay davis. >> reporter: answers about what caused a charter plane to crash into this ohio apartment building last november killing the two pilots and seven passengers on board. >> we have a plane into a house, heavy fire. we have a lot of wires down. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board described it as a litany of failures. cockpit level or the organizational level. it was infested with sloppiness. >> reporter: the ntsb says the captain, who should have been landing the jet, failed to take the controls from the first officer even as the plane descended twice as fast as advised. >> just sound like gunfire going off. >> reporter: the ntsb says the charter company, execu flight,
3:45 am
the pilots were fired from past jobs. execuflight did not immediately respond to requests for comment. according to the report, insufficient faa oversight contributed to the crash. the faa says they will carefully review the recommendations. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> both pilots and seven passengers died in the crash, but it actually could have been a lot worse. no one on the ground was hurt. >> strong words from the ntsb officials. you saw them visibly angry after coming up, the facebook video that led police to a donald trump vandal. >> what happened after this man posted a video on facebook. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
3:46 am
3:47 am
this facebook video got a ft. myers area man in hot water with the law.
3:48 am
facebook, and it appears to show him intentionally driving off a roadway destroying a donald trump campaign sign. well, roti is he was tracked down to his cape coral home where he was charged with criminal mis chief and donald trump has launched many criticisms at hillary clinton over the course . of the campaign, but perhaps the biggest is over her ongoing e-mail scandal. >> the whole issue is still confusing to many voters. abc's dan harris gets us up to speed. >> reporter: at the core of the investigation, was clinton information on that personal server? this is where the fbi comes in. >> good morning. >> reporter: what was the fbi investigating, specifically? >> it's a question of whether there was classified information on her server and did people know that they were sending classified information. >> reporter: this is where we get to the stuff that confuses me. how can you send classified information and not know it was classified? >> there were markings on three
3:49 am
e-mail. there was a little "c" and hillary said in her interview she didn't even know what the "c" meant. >> reporter: in the end, here's what the fbi decided -- >> no charges are appropriate in this case. >> reporter: and this is not the only e-mail embroiling clinton. over a week ago, wikileaks released a trove of e-mails allegedly hacked from the personal account of clinton campaign chairman john podesta. >> the clinton campaign and their number one response is the russians did this. the russians hacked these e-mails, so our job is to sift made. so far, there's been no smoking gun that's going to sway this election either way. but they are telling inside the clinton campaign. you see how calculated they are. >> reporter: and how concerned the campaign is about her own private e-mail controversy. >> really, it shows that the clinton campaign knew really early on that this was going to be a huge issue for her campaign. we have another top dem adviser writing to john podesta, the campaign chairman, saying why
3:50 am
her inability to just do a national interview and generate remorse and regret is becoming a character problem. i see no downside to her just actually just saying i'm sorry. and john podesta replies, we're all in the same place, trying to figure out how to get her there, the best way to execute. >> and then a week and a half later, we see her going on with david muir of abc. >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility, and i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. >> it's actually kind of cool of how these things unfold and how they happen. >> reporter: with the election now three weeks away, how is this playing in the real world? >> you've gone out and spent time with real voters. what are you hearing? >> the e-mail story absolutely has resinated. >> i'm not a hillary fan. for me, it's a bigger trust issue than anything else. >> if you ask someone who supports hillary clinton, they will say, everybody makes mistakes. you have no problems with the e-mails? >> absolutely not.
3:51 am
anything wrong. there's bigger things they could be focusing on in the election, aside from this particular situation with her issues with the e-mails. >> reporter: the e-mail issue undoubtedly be combustible once again in the next debate now just hours away. dan harris, abc news, new york. and no doubt one of many issues we will be hearing about for that debate tonight. >> it's been fascinating to read all of the e-mails. i know some of our reporters who have been following hillary clinton for some 18 months now at times were frustrated with not getting access to her. and then seeing the behind the scenes of, you know, john podesta and others out there saying, we need you to get out there and answer some questions on the press. it's interesting to understand how it's all going together. >> right. interesting behind the scenes look. >> see how the hot dog is made, i guess you might say. the countdown tohe presidential election, a message from north of the border. >> words of encouragement from kind-hearted canadians. are they asking us to move there?
3:52 am
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? a pony. >> yeah. >> words of encouragement from canada, and vladimir putin like never seen before. >> i'm not sure where you're going there. >> well, abc's will tell us with two truths and a good morning. why. >> good morning, you two. we begin with lemonade, but for the first time in my life, i'm not talking about beyonce's lemonade. but instead, say hello to this 7-year-old from australia who's gone viral after this video was posted to facebook showing his reaction to receiving a pony. like a lot of kids, he always wanted his own pony, but unlike most kids, he came up with a business plan to buy his own. the entrepreneur sold lemonade
3:56 am
saved up money from christmas presents and from the tooth fairy. and by the way, that video there has now more than 5,000 views on facebook. easy to see why. so adorable. next up, a polite north, sympathetic canadians took notice of the political tension and frustrations gripping the country. and thanks to a viral campaign with the #tellamericait'sgreat, they've banded together us maybe things are not as bad as they seem right now. take a look. >> you invented the inte.rnet >> you guys are going to get humanity to mars. >> your national park systems protect some of the most beautiful places on earth. >> another tweeted, america, you gave the world cherry coke and the internet and golden girls. don't let anyone tell you you're not great. further proof that maybe canadians, are, in fact, as polite as we joke that they are.
3:57 am
just why. but if you're one of those people who likes to get a jump start on your holiday shopping, may i please suggest this calendar for the vladimir putin lover in your life. the 2017 feature shows a variety of the photos showing sides of the leader, including one cuddling with cats, another holding archeological finds in a wet suit and my favorite right there, strapped into a hg grinder next to, for some reason, a fluffy brown stork. i don't know. what do you think? it's the calendar you've been waiting for, right, diane and kendis? >> absolutely. i'm putting it on the list right now. >> forget the dallas cheer leads calendar. that's the one. >> when i heard putin calendar, i thought for sure more shirtless photos.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
making news in america this wednesday morning, it is debate day, the final face-off between donald trump and hillary clinton. how they're preparing in vegas and where this morning trump has another trick up his sleeve inviting a supporter with the last name obama. we're live with the latest. police are searching for suspects after shots fired in a school parking lot wounding four students. this morning witnesses are describing why they thought it was a prank. caught on camera, new video of a theft that could change the way you pump gas. and the obamas host their final white house state dinner complete with a long list of celebrities and an italian menu.


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